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January 11, 2017



SOLVENIA on as a new country:   I have just got an information that permissions for 60m band use in S5. Activity started yesterday Jan 10th at 23. UTC (which is Jan 11th 00 local time). Will be on and hope to CU


73 Tine S50A


Solvenia, welcome to the 60 meter band!  Have a great time handing out new country contacts.




Yesterday in Niamey EA5RM, Antonio Gonzalez, meet with officials from

Autorite de Regulation des Telecommunications et de La Poste du Niger.

Antonio received both good news and bad.  First the bad news.  "ARTP

officials were very kind and they told me that 6 meters are not

allowed for Amateur Radio in this country so we have cancel all our

plans for this band" says Antonio.  How ever they will be able to be

QRV on 60 Meters and plan to be QRV on both CW and SSB on 5.360 MHz.

As a reminder EA5RM will be leading an international team of 12 for a

two week DXpedition to Niger in mid-March.  Listen for 5U5R from March

8-21 on all bands and modes.




We have again access to 5 MHz only on experimental basis (with special licenses. For 2016 there are no restrictions on the number of licenses for 5 MHz and have same channels as in last year: 5276, 5288.5, 5298, 5313, 5330.5, 5333, 5362, 5366.5, 5371.5, 5395, 5398.5 and 5403.5 kHz USB dial reading,  5277.5 5290, 5299.5, 5314.5, 5332, 5334.5,5363.5, 5368, 5373, 5395.6 5400 and 5405 kHz CW with an ERP output max. of 100 W.

Milos, OK1MP



From Jarda OK1RD:


    l would like to inform you I want to be active for U.S. stations almost

    on every my sunrise - 1 hour next few weeks or during low bands season



    I use phased double loop delta antenna aiming at west. Power between 50W

    to 100W what my TCVR allows me Hi.


    As far as mode is concerned I can be on JT65H but CW also where I can

    use my 160m Beverages system.


    If interest please spread the info.


    Thank you and with


    73, Jarda OK1RD but OK7XX on 60 meters


Hello Joe,


I would like to inform that I got permission for 60m band for 2017 with no changes from Czech Telecommunication Institute (CTU).So OK land is remaining on the band with the same rules and band allocation as in 2016.See more details on my blog here:



My best regards,

73 - Petr, OK1RP



Kazakhstan - And now a bit more 60m news – Kazakhstan gets the new WRC-15 allocation ( in Cyrillic text, but Google Translate  does quite a reasonable job except for the actual official doc which is a pdf ) http://www.aarsk.kz/index.php/33-60     Cheers Paul G4MWO


Samoa: 5W1SA has been active between 0700 and 0720 On JT65


60m Website: The 60m website is at www.60metersonline.com

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If you know of a friend going on a DXpedition please encourage them to operate the 60m band and keep me posted so I may pass the word.


Upcoming DXpeditions


San Andres: 5K AA4NC Will and AA4VK Feb 14 to March 7.


Dominica: J79WTA until Feb,2017


Niger: 5U5R March 8-21




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You can also go to this DX Watch cluster page and see the 60 meter spots.       http://www.dxwatch.com/dxsd1/dxsd1.php?f=5

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