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January 28, 2016



The new website:

We encourage you to send your station pictures to: webmaster@60metersonline.com They are posted at: http://60metersonline.com/operators.html It’s always nice to put a face to the call.


If you would like us to post your 60m country totals, please send them to: webmaster@60metersonline.com along with your name and call sign. You can then view them at: http://60metersonline.com/dx-award.html


KH5P Palmyra A big thanks to Jerry WB9Z who was the K5P 60m operator. Jerry worked 60m either before or after his regular operation shift. He worked 206 stations. He said the radar was very bad and hard to impossible to copy at times.

He appreciated everyone’s patience.


VP2M - Montserrat -

NE9U VP2MWA and KK9K VP2MRF are planning to operate from Montserrat from February 16 to 23,


Luxembourg:  LX0HF beacon is on the air at 5204



VP8STI & VP8SGI   Sad, but by now you know they had to go QRT because of very bad weather.



Kiribati: March 1-15 call sign T32TR


Czech Rep Milos OK1MP reported:

in 2016 we can again ask for special permition to use same channels in 5 MHz as in 2015 year. I received the license today!


Sweden gets a HAM band with secondary basis on 60 meter, but we must wait one year to 2017 January. The band is limited to 15 kHz at 5351.5 – 5366.5 kHz.     SM7FCU Ben




                                Upcoming DXpeditions:


S9 - Sao Tome and Principe:HB9BEI, Bruno, starting in February of 2016.  He is requesting the call S9BK.

VP2M - Montserrat - February 16 to 23.

Kiribati: T32TR: March 1-15



Recent activity:


These are stations that were active or made a SWL spot on the DX Watch cluster:



4X1RF       4Z4DX       5P1KZX     9A6W         9K2YM      DG5EM

DL3SG      DM5EE      EA2BV      EA2HW      EA4JJ       EA4URG

EA5AIO     EA5W        EA7AIN      EB1EVX    EC7ABV    EG5CWO

G0LGS      G3VIR        GI0HWO    GM0CME  GW0ETF   HA7LC

HA9RM      IK2UEC     J69DS       LA1EOA    LB5WB      LB5WZ


ON6ZK      OR5T         OY1DZ      OZ1AXG    OZ2PBS    OZ8ABE

OZ9XU       PA0O         PA2RU       PA2WCB   PA3EWP   PA3FQA

PA5JS       PA7ZZ       PA9CC      PA9M        PC5D         PF7M

PG5V         PH9B         RY6Y         S57C                   V01NA       V25GB

VE3NLS    VP2ETE    VP9GE      WP4JLU    YO3GHM  Z35BY


EA8OM     LA1DHA    VE2GP      DJ2OJ       LZ2HM      OK1RR

GD3YUM   M0XTA      PG5V         OK7GU      SO1WS     VE9DX

HA0DU      EA3GP      LA4XX       EA9IB        LZ2DF       OK2CQR

G0LGS      G3YPP      DH6JL       9Y4DG      4V1TL       VY1JA

PA9DD      GM7PBB  HA7TM      PA2GP      G0ATX      EA4AYW

PA1AT       G4ATX      G3VIR        PE1CZG    F1BBI        PE1RNU

G3WPH     G0BDY      EA4AYW   IU5AYW     Pa5JS       DC3MF




60 meter websites:











You can also go to this DX Watch cluster page and see the 60 meter spots. http://www.dxwatch.com/dxsd1/dxsd1.php?f=5


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