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February 11, 2017


Easter Island: Mike is on as CE0Y/DF8AN. Look for him at his sunrise and sunset. He’ll TX on 5366 and RX on 5405 CW.

South Africa:

I am on 5.290 tx and 5357rx split most every day 0400 utc for an hour and 1800 utc for about 3hours.

ZS unfortunately only has a single frequency for digital (5.290) hence having to work split. Stations monitoring Hamspots (jt65 modes) are aware of the split working but many call on 5357 and are not aware of the reply on 5290.

I started working 60m about 3weeks back and have 18 confirmed DXCC entities in the log and enjoying it!

Thanks again for a great newsletter.  73 Andre ZS2ACP


San Andres: 5K:

AA4NC Will and AA4VK Feb 14 to March 7.   Will plans to be on around 0000z plus or minus two hours to begin with. AA4NC

Our 60m website: It has been beyond our expectations on the hits we have received. Feel free to write our webmaster at webmaster@60metersonline.com. You can ask him to post your country totals as well as a station picture with you in it. Any updates should always go to Mike the webmaster.

JT65: For me this JT65 mode has been unbelievable. With lower sunspot, it seems that all the activity has been on 5357 JT65. As always follow the grayline.

V2 - Antigua and Barbuda -

DL7AFS, Babs, and DJ7ZG, Lot, are heading back to Antigua where they will again be operating as V21ZG from February 28 to March 26.  Listen for them on 80 through 6 Meters, including the new 60 Meter band (5.357 MHz). They will be on the data modes and SSB. Logs will be posted to both LoTW and Club Log

https://secure.clublog.org/logsearch/V21ZG.  You can also QSL direct

with 2 US $ and SAE (self-addressed envelope please).


Portugal: Jose CT1EEB http://www.qsl.net/ct1eeb

Note: I just worked DXCC in 5 MHz with 101 Entities now worked, maybe I'm the second European to achieve this, not sure?  I know OZ8ABE has it as well.



Portugal: I have the authorization of ANACOM to operate in the following frequencies and emission classes:5371.5 kHz and 5403.5 kHz in the emission classes A1A, J3E and J2D;And 5351.5 - 5366.5 kHz in the emission classes A1A, J3E, FB1, J2B and J2D.


73 Carlos Nora, CT1END




60m Website: The 60m website is at www.60metersonline.com

Please send your station picture with you in it to webmaster@60metersonline.com and he will be happy to post it with the others. It’s nice to put a face with a call. On the website we have a 60m DXCC country count. It has nothing to do with the ARRL DXCC award. Go to Achievements, DX Awards and you’ll see who is on our country leader board. Feel free to send your totals to the webmaster for posting. As you work a new one, advise our webmaster to update your listing webmaster@60metersonline.com



If you know of a friend going on a Dxpedition, please encourage them to operate the 60m band and keep me posted so I may pass the word.


Upcoming DXpeditions


Easter Island: CE0Y/DF6AN until ?


V2 - Antigua and Barbuda: DL7AFS, Babs, and DJ7ZG Feb 28 – Mar 26

San Andres: 5K AA4NC Will and AA4VK Feb 14 to March 7.



Niger: 5U5R March 8-21





 60 meter websites:











You can also go to this DX Watch cluster page and see the 60 meter spots.       http://www.dxwatch.com/dxsd1/dxsd1.php?f=5

If you know anyone who wants to be added to this newsletter, if you have any 60m news to share, or if you are going on a DXpedition and plan a 60m operation, please let me know.


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Thanks, Joe W8GEX

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