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From Spain:


 As you know, the IARU delegation at the WRC conference in November of 2015 was able to win a new allocation of an amateur band at 5MHz. This was a breakthrough for our hobby and was only won after some stiff opposition from various countries including Australia, USA and the Russian Federation. In response, the Spanish immediately released the new band to the EA fraternity, with the 15 kHz bandwidth and the 15 Watt EIRP limit, exactly as the Geneva conference had finally approved.

  I can certainly say that 15w EIRP was enough to work from one end of Spain to the other for stations with efficient aerials. Indeed, our tests, either side of sunset, proved that distances of 1600 miles were also possible if due respect was paid to the limitations of the band, and if appropriate mannerly conduct by all concerned was observed.

 It is regretful that the tests have been marred by a few selfish "spoilers" who are using obviously excessive power, splattering modulation levels, and the needless occupancy of the narrow window we have for simplex contacts between us. To make matters worse, Spanish stations are frequently to be heard either wholly or partially out of band, (like the recent EA8 station that was working Dx on 5405kHz CW).

 With all the will in the world, I am sure that further Sunday tests are now pointless until the offenders mend their ways. For those stations that have been part of our Sunday evening tests, I thank you for your loyal support over the last few months. We have achieved a notable result with low power communications on 5MHz between the two countries. Full international harmonisation may well improve our future lot.

 Best wishes, Mike, EA7JVZ.



                                Upcoming DXpeditions:


S9 - Sao Tome and Principe:HB9BEI, Bruno, starting in February of 2016.  He is requesting the call S9BK.

VP2M - Montserrat -

NE9U and KK9K are planning to operate from Montserrat Island from

February 16 to 23. NE9U's call is VP2MWA, KK9K call will be VP2MRF



Kiribati: T32TR: March 1-15



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EY8MM     EA2US       LB6BG      HA8MV      G4ATX      OY1CT

A45XR       5P6MJ       HA7RY       VE1YX       CT1APE    CT2FRM

GI0HWO    PA3EWP   G4UPE      EI0DB        PA8GB      G0LGS

OZ3JB       G0DIH        G0LGS      9A6TKS    EA9IB        EY8MM

PA3S         PA5HR       WP3UX      EA1AST    PE1CZG    MM0GGI

HA8MID     TF2LL       4Z4DX       OM3IAG    OY1CT      G3ZGP

FS/W3FF   HA0DU      OK7XX      VA3EBM   EK7DX      PA0ZAV


OK7GU      PA0TBR    G0SWU     OY1/MM    PA7ZZ       HA8MV

PA0O         CU3AK      OM3IAG    CT7ACG   CT1JRO    LA1DHA

OX3LX      9A2AA       OZ4ACK    OZ1AXG    EA3CEC    PA4EL

PA0WRS   EA2BV      EA1SB      G4UCJ      OZ0J            OZ7OX

OZ6GH      PA5JS       TF3ARI      IK8LXG     PA7MM



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