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VP2MWA showed up last night and made about 100 qso’s. The operator was NE9U Scott, who is leaving the island today. QSL to his home call.


VP5/K0PC Had a great run tonight on 5405. Not sure how long he’ll be on the island.



From Luxembourg:


The beacon lx0Hf is again qrv after we found a new qth and after it was repaired!

It was located on my contest qth but during a storm lasr year the inverted V was damagged.

As i had some interference while the contests we had to find a new qth for the beacon .

The frequency is 5204 and it was already heard in europe.



We still need to improve the antenna and do some more testing!


For getting permission on 60m we did not yet get a positiv answer but we are in contact with our authorities and will try everything possible to get this band!

As soon as there will be a changes about 5Mhz i will let you know!

73s de Philippe LX2A




Try the 60m logger at http://dxworld.com/60mlog.html Half way down the page is a block to post your message. Be sure to sign your call at the end.



                                Upcoming DXpeditions:


S9 - Sao Tome and Principe: HB9BEI, Bruno.  He is requesting the call S9BK.

He will be on Sao Tome February 25 to March 7, and on Principe from Mar 7 to 12, then back on Sao Tome on Mar 12 to 24.


VP2M - Montserrat -

NE9U and KK9K are planning to operate from Montserrat Island from

February 16 to 23. NE9U's call is VP2MWA, KK9K call will be VP2MRF



Kiribati: T32TR: March 1-15.



Recent activity:


These are stations that were active or made a SWL spot on the DX Watch cluster:


9A2A                   9A2AA       9A6TKS    9Y4DG      9Z4A          9Y4NW

A45KK       A45XR       AL7GA      CT1JRO    DM4EE      EA2BV

EA2CAR    EA4AAI      EA9CD      EI3GYB     EK7DX      G0ORC

G1JCW      G3SED      G3UPA      GI8SKN     GW3RIH    HA1XY

HA5KZO    IK7YZI       LA0HK       LA1DHA    LA7SI        LA9LE

LB6BG      LZ1DNY    LZ1JZ        LZ2DF

LZ2NW      LZ3PZ        MM0GGI   MW0RKD  OK1DPU   OK7GU

OM3IAG    OU5U         OX3LX      OY1CT      OY1R/MM OZ0TE

OZ4ACK    PA2JWN    PA2S         PA3ACC    PA3BUD    PA3EYC

PA3FMP   PA3HGT    PA4EL       PA4VHF    PA5HR       PA5JS

PA85SS    PA9M        PC5D         PE2PVD    PE5ROS    PF7M

SM1ALH   SM3NRY   VA5DX      VA2SW      VE1YX       VE2JCW

VE7KW      VP2ETE    VP2MWA  VP9NI        WP3UX      ZS6EZ


VP5/K0PC VE9DX      HA8MV      PE4BAS    EA5WP      LA3ONA

TF1EIN      DG5EM     CT1APE



60 meter websites:











You can also go to this DX Watch cluster page and see the 60 meter spots.       http://www.dxwatch.com/dxsd1/dxsd1.php?f=5


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