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March 3, 2017


NEW COUNTRY - MADEIRA Island: CT9/OH2BTB was on last night for a ATNO. He was operating on 5357 JT65. QSL to OH5BT



Niger 5U5R: Toni EA5RM will TX on 5360 CW and USB. He will listen on 4505 CW and 403.5 on USB.   March 8 to 21.



Hong Kong now on 5 MHz:

The local telecommunication authority in Hong Kong, OFCA, has now allocated 5351.5-5366.5kHz to the amateur radio service on a secondary basis.  The maximum power permitted is 15 Watt EIRP.

My thanks to Paul G4MWO and Frank PA7F for this report. The original report was sent by Jonny VR6XMC and G3PSM OFCA.

Dear Elecrafters,

In the past, I asked questions about 60m band in USA.  Local telecommunication authority in Hong Kong has now allocated 5351.5-5366.5kHz to amateur radio service on a secondary basis.  The maximum EIP is 15 Watt. Thanks for all your help in the past.


Johnny VR2XMC


VR2 - Hong Kong -

60 Meter ops will be glad to know that IV3TAN, Alberto, operating VR2XAN from Peng Chau Island (AS-006) is now QRV on 5 MHz.  He's got a dipole for the new band.




Bonaire PJ4: David PJ4 / NA2AA Was on CW last night TXing on 5357 listening up on 5405. Was on again the morning on 5357 CW but that is a SSB channel in the US. He will spot himself on DX Watch cluster.  David understands this is the JT65 channel where there is a lot of activity, but it’s the only channel the authorities have authorized.  His report:


Last night 42 stations were worked.  I'm aware from partials that some stations just gave up.  Using 'channelized' CW requires far greater cooperation of stations calling.  The pileup did not reflect that understanding with stations calling out of sequence or calling when I was trying to work someone using a partial call.


Switching RX antennas helped with the S9+ noise level from local storms.  Switching to a northeast 80m sloper caused some EU stations to appear loudly.  I'm also aware from emails that some stations cannot reply on either my xmit or split frequencies so before I leave I will try to give EU a better shot listening on their frequencies.


This morning conditions were slightly better with noise, and another 12 stations were worked although many CQs went unanswered.


We will be focused on the ARRL DX SSB contest through the weekend so Sunday and Monday nights local time will be attempted again - perhaps on SSB.  Early morning the entire station is sleeping so SSB will not be used.


73.  David NA2AA

Maldives 8Q: Zik DK8ZZ reported that their call will be 8Q7LH


We have no specific for 60m plan. We have to see first how it is with all antennas. Our plan on 60m will be probably as many as JT65, because JT65 is the easiest way to make some QSOs on 60m.

Check cluster or grayline, if there is a good COBDX there is a chance to make Jt65 QSIO with you.




New Country Temotu H40:


Siegfried, DK9FN,H40FN and me Bernard,DL2GAC,H40MS are leaving today, for Temotu for 3 weeks. We have permission to operate 60m with 1KW, see attached list of allocations from H44MS/H40MS license. (After a review of their license I found they can only operate on the USA SSB freq. W8GEX)

Main operation will in CW by Siegfried. As they prefer CW.

73 de Bernard,DL2GAC,H44MS,H40MS


3D2R Rotuma: 3D2AG Tony will be on the island from mid - March to mid- April, depending on boat schedules. He will be more active at his sunset as he feels propagation is better at that time. He doesn’t have an antenna up at home on Fiji as yet. This is a one-man operation. QSL to his 3D2AG call. PayPal is highly recommended due to postal mail problems. On Rotuma he will NOT have email.


Uruguay CX has permission:


finally 60 mts is allowed in Uruguay


Unfortunately just today we know that, and Dale N3BNA that is at my station is leaving tomorrow so I cannot setup and antenna for this night. Don't know if another band antenna will work on 60 mts


We can use 5351.50 to 5366.5 and 25 watts


here the link https://www.ursec.gub.uy/wps/wcm/connect/ursec/5aa13c5a-9329-4fb8-ad52-346763d3bea3/026-REGLAMENTO+DE+RADIOAFICIONADOS.pdf?MOD=AJPERES&CONVERT_TO=url&CACHEID=5aa13c5a-9329-4fb8-ad52-346763d3bea3


pages 19, 20, 21, 22


73,  Jorge CX6VM/CW5W

Hello: I am pleased to announce that in the new regulation of the amateur radio service of Uruguay, the operation is carried out in the band of 60 m. From 5351.5 to 5366.5 KHz. with a maximum power of 25 wats in modes:


5351.5 to 5354 KHz .: CW / digital modes

5354 to 5366 KHz .: all modes

5366 to 5366.5 KHz .: CW / digital modes

There has been a long process of fight for those who were waiting for the band but it has finally been achieved.

The new regulation is in force since February 1, 2017.

For my part I will immediately begin the operation in the new band of 6 meters.


Francisco Luis Escobar / CX7AF.




ST. Kitts: V47JA - I will again be operating from our Calypso Bay, St. Kitts, W.I. home, located 200 feet from the Caribbean Sea, from March 16 until April 5, 2017, and active on 6-160m (incl. 60m) SSB. Also operation in the, CQ WPX (March 25/26) Contest, SOAB, is planned. Radio: Kenwood TS-590S, and Elecraft KPA500 Amplifier. Antennas: 31' 10-40m Vertical, 35' 40/60/80m Top Loaded Vertical, and 6m/3el Yagi. ALL QSL's DIRECT ONLY, to my home call: W5JON or LoTW


73 and DX,

John Abbruscato  V47JA - W5JON




Isle of Man: Joe, I will be arriving on 15.April.17  and hope to get the 60M antenna upbefore darkness, so that I will have the chance to work W  during that night.


I fly off on 22.April17 at 09:00. So most likely I have to take down the antennas on 21st  before any evening opening on 60M to W.Activity will be on CW, SSB, RTTY and JT65. They also plan to have some activity on Top Band (160m) and special efforts on 5 MHz (60m) to the West Coast of the USA (CW, JT65 and SSB) for an ATNO on 60 meters. Visit BARS Web page at: http://www.bars.btik.com


vy73 Jan DJ8NK




V2 - Antigua and Barbuda -

DL7AFS, Babs, and DJ7ZG, Lot, are heading back to Antigua where they will again be operating as V21ZG from February 28, to March 26.  Listen for them on 80 through 6 Meters, including the new 60 Meter band (5.357 MHz). They will be on the data modes and SSB. Logs will be posted to both LoTW and Club Log:

https://secure.clublog.org/logsearch/V21ZG.  You can also QSL direct

with 2 US $ and SAE (self-addressed envelope please.


60m Website: The 60m website is at www.60metersonline.com

Please send your station picture with you in it to webmaster@60metersonline.com and he will be happy to post it with the others. It’s nice to put a face with a call. On the website we have a 60m DXCC country count. It has nothing to do with the ARRL DXCC award. Go to Achievements, DX Awards and you’ll see who is on our country leader board. Feel free to send your totals to the webmaster for posting. As you work a new one, advise our webmaster to update your listing webmaster@60metersonline.com _____________________________________________________________________________

If you know of a friend going on a Dxpedition, please encourage them to operate the 60m band and keep me posted so I may pass the word.

Upcoming DXpeditions:


V2 - Antigua and Barbuda: DL7AFS, Babs, and DJ7ZG Feb 28 – Mar 26

PJ4/NA2AA: March 2, 5 and 6th at 0100z on 5357 and 1000 to 1100z

Maldives: 8Q7LH March 2, to March 9.

Niger: 5U5R March 8-21 0n 5360 CW and SSB

3D2R Rotuma: 3D2AG Tony will be on the island from mid-March to mid-April depending on boat schedules.




 60 meter websites:











You can also go to this DX Watch cluster page and see the 60 meter spots.       http://www.dxwatch.com/dxsd1/dxsd1.php?f=5

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