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Welcome to the Belgium hams who are the latest to join us on 60m as of this past Friday.; another new country on the band. Their allocation is between 5351 to 5366.5.  USA stations have two common channels with them: 5.357 USB and 5.358.5 CW.  Otherwise you’ll have cross channel. On the 60m page of DX Watch cluster the ON’s have posted their RX freq.


Here are some stations that were active.

ON4PS      ON5LGS   ON7GB      ON4AXU    ON6ZK      ON6LK

ON5SE      ON8KW


For other stations who don’t have the USA five channels, please spot yourself on the cluster and post your RX freq.



T32TR was also active last night. He came on from 0430z to 0530z. Let’s hope he’s back tonight.


S9 - Sao Tome and Principe: HB9BEI, Bruno. No word from him on when he might be on.

Eastern Kiribati T32TR   Ted K8AQM has reported he and his team of seven will be QRV on 60 meters. They have permission and might be on are early as March 2. Their trip runs from Mar 1, to 15. T32 was on several years ago and should be a new one for most of us. I have asked the team to come up a little before their sunset at around 0430z and listen for Europe and again between 10 and 1200z for NA. As with K5P, the Chinese radar after darkness can run S9. So we need to have patience. They will have a vertical and a beverage both cut for the 60m band.


Upcoming DXpeditions:


S9 - Sao Tome and Principe: HB9BEI, Bruno.  He is requesting the call S9BK.

He will be on Sao Tome February 25, to March 7, and on Principe from Mar 7, to 12, then back on Sao Tome on Mar 12 to 24.


Kiribati: T32TR: March 1-15.




Recent activity:


These are stations that were active or made a SWL spot on the DX Watch cluster:

4Z4DX       6Y/K3JO   9A2AA       9A2KD       DM5DX     EA2IF

EA2OZ       EA2US       EA5WU      EA7AIN/P  EA8AK      G0LGS

G3WPH     G8OFQ      GI8SKN     HA3MRK   HB9AW/B  IZ1MHY

KL7QOW  LA5TFA     LA5YJ       LA6XI        LA9IAA      LB6BG

LX0HF/B   LZ71ZZ      M0LHS      M1ACB     MJ0SIT     MM0GGI

OK1RR      OM3IAG    ON4AXU    ON4PS      ON5LGS   ON5SE

ON6LK      ON6ZK      ON7GB      ON8KW     OY1CT      OY1R/MM


PA3FMP   PA3FR       PA5HR       PA5JS       PA7MM     PE1BIW

PE1CZG    PE5T         PF7M         R9XM        T32TR       TF1EIN

US0AK      VE1YX       VE2DLC    VE2JCW   VE9DX      VP2ETE

WP3UX      WP4JLU    WP4U        YO4RXX    ZS6EZ



 60 meter websites:











You can also go to this DX Watch cluster page and see the 60 meter spots.       http://www.dxwatch.com/dxsd1/dxsd1.php?f=5

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