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A report from Andy VE9DX of the JT65 group.



Hi Joe

Just a bit of an update.

Still mainly doing JT65 here.  Last week I finished off WAS all 60 meters JT65. Been seeing myself being heard by KL2R and spotted on PSK REPORTER.   Well I finally hooked up for my last state. KL7RST was on last night.


Been hearing mostly Europeans G GM GW LA LZ  lots of OZ and  PA's and Z35. Also I am being reported on PSK REPORTER by HB9HFN and SV8RV.  Guessing they do not have permission yet. Same with VK7BO.  Only regular from the Pacific is 5W1SA. Down South 9Y4NW appears often.

Glad to see Belgium now has the band.  Hopefully other Europeans will come onboard before long.

BTW 20 watts to an low dipole on 60.

Hope the above is of interest.

73 Andy VE9DX


T32TR Reports:


We're back in KH6 now and standing down.  Looks like the final count for 60m is 145 Qs combined cw and ssb.  I'll send you an article/pictures after I get back to Michigan if you'd like for your web page, let me know.


Thanks for your help and encouragement.




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EA5WH      EA6SX       EA8OM     EA9CO      EA9EU       EB1EVX

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GM4ZMK  HA2SK      HA4AA       HA4XG      HA4YF       HA5TI

HA8MV      HB9UQX   IZ7DJS      KH6U         LA1VNA    LA4GHA

LA5TFA    LA6XI        LA7QW      LB6BG      LB6BY      LZ1FG

LZ1JZ        LZ3PZ        M0XTA      M0ZZK      M1PTT      M6MPN

OK7XX      ON4AOI     ON4FI        ON4PS      ON4TA      ON4ZD

ON4ZMK   ON5SF      ON6NL      ON7BG      ON7PQ      ON7VD

ON8DM     OO2T        OT2K         OT7K         OZ1LO      OZ6GH

OZ9XU       PA0KDF    PA0PSA    PA2FK       PA3CNA    PE1PIN

PE5TS       SO1WS     VA2SW      VA3MJR    VE1YX       VE2JCW

VE2UFT    VE2WFT   VE9DX      VP2ETE    VP9GE      Z35BY



HB9UQX   M6MPN     PE1PIN      ON4FI        EA4ESP    OT1K

OK1KT      PA0PSA    ON4EM     VA2SW      EA4BL       EA1KO

DK3RV/P   G1SPC      DJ1OJ       OS8D         M1ALY      ON5CD

C6ANM      ON8ON      EA7CI        ON7EQ      GM8UPI    ZS6WAB




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