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April 6, 2017



New Country Market Reef OJ0:

OH3WS, Pasi, tells us he is planning to visit Market Reef again early next month.  This short trip will be for May 6 and 7 only.  While there he'll be checking "the new beam" to see "if it has survived OK during winter".  He should be able to operate on the six bands between 14 and 50 MHz.  Pasi will also test operations on 60 Meters, as Finnish Amateur Radio Operators have recently been authorized on the new 5 MHz and.  There he will be on CW, and possibly SSB around 5354 KHz.  He'll be listening on other frequencies as announced.  His 60 Meter activity will take place during the late evening on Saturday and early hours of Sunday morning, local time.  OJ0 is 3 hours ahead of

UTC.  Plans are for him to depart Market Reef around 0400Z on Sunday.  Pasi will be logging with a manual log and QSLs go via the bureau or direct.



3D2AG/P Tony is on Rotuna and is active as he was on 5405 CW and also on 5305 SSB with a good signal into North America.

EUROPE: look for him at his sunset. __________________________________________________________________

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United Kingdom: A recent statement from the RSGB, shows there’s no change in the WRC-15 position; it’s still status quo...

“Amateurs in the UK have been very fortunate in having early access to 5MHz, with 5 spot frequencies 15 years ago and more than 70kHz of spectrum made available in 2013. This was a result of close cooperation with Ofcom and the MoD, who is primary user on the band. The UK currently has an arrangement that gives us more spectrum and a higher power allowance of 100W at 5MHz, however it does not cover all of the WRC-15 band of 5351.5 to 5366.5kHz. The Society played a very active role in the WRC-15 process and continues to work with Ofcom to gain access to all of the WRC-15 band, however this is not expected to change in the foreseeable future as there are on-going assignments within the band. The RSGB will implement the IARU Region 1 band plan for 5MHz within the segments allocated to us. In common with other Region 1 societies with allocations greater than 15kHz, we will recommend that frequencies within the WRC-15 band that are allowed under the UK Amateur Radio License only be used for international contacts, or for stations with no other option”. GB2RS News , Sunday 26 March 2017

Here is the URL for the RSGB 5 MHz webpages showing the UK 5 MHz provision and operating notes. http://rsgb.org/main/operating/band-plans/hf/5mhz/

73 Paul G4MWO Editor,The 5 MHz Newsletter


GUAM, KH2.  Santos, EA4AK and Tony, EA5BY are QRV as AH2P and KH2BY, respectively, until April 10.  Activity is on 160 to 6 meters, including 60 meters, using CW, SSB and various digital modes.  They may focus on the low bands.  QSL to home call.

This is an extraction from today’s ARRL DX Bulletin

73, Bob, VE1YX


Hi Joe,


From April 1st onwards, we are restricted to WRC 15/15. The legal document was published on the 28th, but found it today.  Unfortunately, no appeal is possible, so we have to live with it.


Maybe you could spread this bad news, but encourage ops to listen on the 15/15 segment. In 10 minutes time, the 100/100 is gone.


No new entities recently, closing in on 100 but... currently 97.

Best 73,


Henk PA2S





A while ago, I was TX in the 60 meter band. I had very good contacts and friends that I have not been able to contact again. I am pleased to inform you that Panama is already welcoming the 60-meter band. From Dec. 2016 the allocation of the 60-meter band will be similar. The weekend, Easter, will be operating at 5357 Khz at JT65, maybe Saturday about 23:00 UTC.

Greetings to all and I hope this information is useful. I send you a copy of a page of the A.S.E.P. (Public Services Authority)



Victor HP1AVS


Namibia: V51WN Gunter reports:

News from Namibia: I will try to be active again on 60 meters in May. My QTH is on Farm Wustenquell in the Namib desert, two hours east of Swakopmund. Rig is an IC7400 with spiderbeam and a 40m-vertical. Will try to match the vertical for 60m.

vy 73, Gunter, V51WH


From Isle of Man: Jan DJ8NK will be arriving on 15 April and hope to get the 60M antenna up before darkness, so that I will have the chance to work during that night. Call sign will be GT4BRS.


I fly home on 22 April at 09:00. So most likely I have to take down the antennas on 21st before any evening opening on 60M to W land. Activity will be on CW, SSB, RTTY and JT65. They also plan to have some activity on Top Band (160m) and special efforts on 5 MHz (60m) to the West Coast of the USA (CW, JT65 and SSB) for an ATNO on 60 meters.


vy73 Jan DJ8NK


Upcoming DXpeditions:


3D2R Rotuma: 3D2AG Tony will be on the island until April 23, depending on boat schedules.

Isle of Man: GT4BRS April 17 - 21 by DJ8NK

Market Reef  OJ0:  May 6 & 7


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If you know of a friend going on a Dxpedition, please encourage them to operate the 60m band and keep me posted so I may pass the word.



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