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May, 14 2017




I will trade from late May to early August in Polynesia, from Tahiti and from the Leeward and Windward Islands in fixed and Maritime Mobile with the special call sign: TX5X.

Traffic planned from 3.5 to 28 Mhz, also on 5 Mhz, in Blu, in Cw automatic and in JT 65.

Station planned IC7100 HLA300 PLUS MULTI-DIPÖLES in fixed and AH-4 and long wire in M / M


Thanks for distributing the info.




33240 VERAC

Poland:  soon to join 60m (and more space at 70 MHz)

On Thursday,11th May, the Polish Government published a gazette notice amending regulations in the National Frequency Allocation Table. Polish amateurs are now permitted access to the WRC-15 60m amateur secondary allocation of 5351.5 – 5366.5 kHz under ITU Footnote 5.133B - i.e. with 15W EIRP.

They also now have 70 MHz access from 70.0 – 7.30 MHz, Secondary, 20W EIRP. According to the gazette notice, these regulations come into force 14 days following its publication, so we should expect to be hearing Polish stations on the band later this month.

Polish National Frequency Allocation Table (p.8)


Official Notice on PZK (Polish national society) website


(Tnx: PZK,OK1RP) 73,

Paul, G4MWO Editor, The 5 MHz Newsletter


MEXICO: 60m  Allocation for Mexico

The Mexican telecomms regulator, IFT - Instituto Federal de Telecomunicaciones, has approved amateur operation on the new WRC-15 60m amateur secondary allocation of 5351.5 to 5366.5 kHz. Maximum power permitted is 20W EIRP.

Mexican National Frequency Table


(Tnx: IFT, XE2O, FMRE )

73 Paul Gaskell  G4MWO,




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MALTA: From Paul 9H1BT


This new band is a killer with sleepless nights and early morning rise. The advantage of being a pensioner is I can make up for the lost sleep with naps during the day Hi.

Well best wishes and pse keep me on your newsletter mail-list.

Best wishes and 73s

Paul 9H1BT


CUBA: From Eduardo CO8LYI am beginning to make qso in 60m with 10watt and antenna dipole.  I wanted you to announce in the bulletin that I am qrv in cw for sked.  I transmit in 5425 cw or ssb and receipt RX in the frequency that the station tells me.  I cannot use way digital jt65 because not this authorized in my country.


A million thank you in advance. I hope to listen to you in 60m, strong hug.



PJ4DX, Steve, has modified his FT-2000 so that it works on 60 meters, and has put up a quarter-wave vertical.  He says, "So I am now potentially QRV on 60M."  The Bonaire frequencies are 5351.5-5366.5, with a maximum power of 25 watts EIRP.  Steve has not listened on 60 meters much so he is not familiar with the band.  He expects QSOs with Europe will be difficult at that power level and given current conditions, but may be easier during northern hemisphere winter, in another six-plus months.  He is open to sked requests and notes his sunset is currently at 2248Z.  Steve figures working North America will be easier than Europe, of course, and welcomes sked requests.  As far as he knows, the only other PJ4/5/6 station possibly active on 60 is PJ4NX, Peter.  Operations from those three islands only became legal starting April 26.


The Icelandic PTA decided on May 12, 2017 to extend the experimental license privileges for radio amateurs in the 5 MHz band until December 31, 2017.

The privileges are for 5260-5410 kHz, with 100W EIRP. Mode of emission: CW, USB, PSK-31 and other digital modes. The permit is the same for N and G licensees.

Currently 25 TF licensees have an experimental license on 60 meters.

73 de Jónas Bjarnason, TF3JB


3X - Guinea -


French ops F5RAV, Luc, and Gerard, F5NVF, have announced they will be QRV as 3XY4D from Conakry starting October 27th.


Will possibly be on the 60 Meter band, through November 6th.  They will also participate in the CQ World Wide DX SSB contest running 100

watts and dipoles.  QSL direct only to F5RAV.



3Y0 - BOUVET ISLAND: From their website


The January-February, 2018 3Y0Z Bouvet Island DXpedition team has

posted a propagation page on their website (http://www.bouvetdx.org).

It has videos showing propagation predictions for that early 2018

time frame.  The tab for the propagation is in the header menu.  You

can choose time, frequency and signal strength for your QTH.  This is

based on the average sunspot numbers forecast for January, 2018.



Upcoming DXpeditions:


Market Reef OJ0:  May 6 & 7



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