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August 19, 2016




CY9C Saint Paul island: August 19-29 Please check out their website at www.cy9dxpedition.com. They will be using an inverted vee made by the late Gary K4AVC. Will AA4NC will be the 60m operator.

Not sure about their 60m schedule but I’ll keep you posted. If you hear them on 60m please spot them to pass the word.

NEW COUNTRY: Latvia operators, YL2KO YL2ON YL2BJ YL2PP YL2SM are all active now. This was reported by Frank PA7F.



EU Belarus is a NEW COUNTRY:

Please be advised, a­mateurs of Belarus ha­ve been granted acces­s to the 60 m

band as follows:­

- 5351.5 - 5366.5 (c­ontinuous band)

- 50 W­

- CW,SSB, Digital­

- Secondary basis­

- for A (top) licens­e class holders.


73,­Vladimir EU1M, VE3IA­E

BFRR, IARU Liaison


Luxembourg: LX0HF has a new antenna on their beacon running on 5204 mc.



Upcoming DXpeditions:


CY9C Saint Paul island:  August 19-29





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You can also go to this DX Watch cluster page and see the 60 meter spots.       http://www.dxwatch.com/dxsd1/dxsd1.php?f=5

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