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October 18, 2016





From LX1ER:


Since today, 10th October 2016, the new 60m band is allowed to be used in Luxembourg for amateur radio use. The frequency plan of 3rd October, published in the Mémorial on 10th October, allows the use from 5351.5 to 5366.5 kHz on a secondary basis with an "Effective radiated Power" of 15W




St Paul CY9C:

I finished up with a little over 600 QSOs on 60m. We did well to Europe especially due to the location here.


The QSL cards are being printed.


73, Will AA4NC/CY9


St. Kitts V44JA


W5JON will be in St. Kitts from November 15, to December 15.  Feel free to email him for a schedule.


From Ghis ON5NT:


The OY/ON6NB DXped made their first QSOs in SSB on 60m

last night. I was their QSO #1, hihi! They have one CW op.

I forwarded them the US freqs (see here below) you had

sent me. The team leader Eric-ON4ANN promised to check

60m every night (and also try some CW) until they leave

on Sept 21. His email is: on4ann@gmail.com


Hope this winter brings a lot of new ones for me, hihi!

After having cleaned up all other bands, 60m is a new

challenge for me. I am hooked, hihi!


73, Ghis ON5NT


JT-65 update from Andy VE9DX:


Few signals around for the last couple hours.  Have worked 4X1RF before on JT65 so did not call.  Did work him about 10 minutes ago on JT9 though.


Been a few active in the last few minutes through.  EA4DS G4SVN GM0 LZ2TU MM0 ON4AXU PA3.


Called this week by a DB4 and an HB9 but don't think either have the band yet.

Also seen by PSK reporter RI1AND and VP8ALJ have both heard me lately on


OZ1W and ZL propagation test:


I thought you might be interested to know that I have been running some long path propagation tests with a few amateurs in ZL. At 0400Z on 1.9.2016, Warren, ZL1AIX reported my CW as 479, with a high noise level, while on 2.9.2016, Harry, ZL2SQ reported my test signal peaking 589. The distance is over 13000 miles, long path. My antenna is a vertically polarised delta loop with the apex at about 60ft. What a pity that they don't have a frequency allocation !!


73 and thanks for the newsletter - Always very informative

Graham OZ1W



ZS - South Africa


The South African Radio League, SARL, has been in discussions with

their telecom authority, ICASA, about 5 MHz band privileges.  They're

talking about a 100 kHz wide band, with 400 watt power limit.  So far

the frequency spectrum committee has approved it and now it goes to

the "Operating Committee."  Continued use of 5290 kHz for the "WSPR

propagation experiment" is also being considered, in addition to the

expansion of a secondary allocation for 5350-5450.




If you know of a friend going on a DXpedition please encourage them to operate the 60m band and keep me posted so I may pass the word.



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