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Nov 5, 2016




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Chile: CE4WW Sergio and XQ4CW Danilo have been very active on 5357 JT-65 the past few nights. Chile now has 60m permission.

VP5 / K0MD: Scott was active before and after CQWW. Thanks for being there Scott.


News from Finland:


On Friday Oct. 28 our PTT announced, that all OH stations will get permission to 5351,5 - 5366,5 starting Jan. 1st, 20171 with15 W eirp.


There will be a lot of OH-stations on from that day on.

The special licenses which now are valid for max of five years, will continue to be valid till the end of each license.


Jari, OH2BU aka OH2P on 60 m.





I am the first station in CT1 to be allowed to use the new WRC-15 60m. frequencies.

Just received my 60m band license renewal from ANACOM today. I have been authorized:

5371,5 kHz A1A and J3E 5403,5 kHz A1A and J3E 5351,5 kHz to 5366,5 kHz A1A and J3E (the new WRC-15 frequencies).

No power limit.

 73  Jose  CT1EEB



NEW COUNTRY:  Central African Republic - TL0A I know they made a few QSO’s and only a few. No other details have come from the team.



News from San Andres: 5K

AA4NC Will and AA4VK Ron will be on San Andres from Feb 14 to March 7. The only unknown is my call sign at this point. It should be either 5K0N or 5K0X.


I will be operating the ARRL DX contests, so no 60m during those weekends.

73,  Will AA4NC



St. Kitts V47JA:

W5JON will be in St. Kitts from November 15, to December 15.  Feel free to email him for a 60m schedule at W5JON@SBCglobal.net


JT-65 report on 5357:

Carl reported he worked several stations (below) and heard several more that were too weak to call.

PF7M        CW    559

ON7GB    CW    579

OM3EY    CW    599

ON4AXU CW   579

G1SSL      SSB     55

Hope this is an early indication of good conditions to come on 60m,

73, Carl AA4H


60m Website: The 60m website is at www.60metersonline.com

Please send your station picture with you in it  to webmaster@60metersonline.com and we will be happy to post it with the others. It’s nice to put a face with a call. On the website we have a 60m DXCC country count. It has nothing to do with the ARRL DXCC award. Go to Achievements, DX Awards and you’ll see who is on our country leader board. Feel free to send your totals to the webmaster for posting. As you work a new one, advise our webmaster to update your listing webmaster@60metersonline.com



If you know of a friend going on a DXpedition please encourage them to operate the 60m band and keep me posted so I may pass the word.



Up coming DXpeditions

St. Kitts V47JA


W5JON will be in St. Kitts from November 15, to December 15.  Feel free to email him for a schedule at w5jon@sbcglobal.net


San Andres: 5K

AA4NC Will and AA4VK Feb 14 to March 7.





Recent activity:


These are stations that were active or made a SWL spot on the DX Watch cluster:

4Z5ML       CE4WW      9A4T           9Y4NW       LZ2TU       G1SSL

SM7DLK    GM4OAS    LB6BG       SM6IQD     PA7F           XQ4CW




These are stations that were active or made a SWL spot on the DX Watch cluster:



 60 meter websites:











You can also go to this DX Watch cluster page and see the 60 meter spots.       http://www.dxwatch.com/dxsd1/dxsd1.php?f=5

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