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DXCC 60 Meters update news!

     Happy Holiday Season to the 60m DXers out there! With this greeting I (K5YY) and Dan (K3ZXL) are releasing this notice through the W8GEX 60m Newletter.

     Most of us know that for various reasons there had not been a 60m WAS certificate except many years ago and it was short lived. Dan and I restarted the current WAS 60m award in 2009 after doing a detailed history search and, being fair, numbered the first 7 certificates in honor of the original WAS holders under the old WAS system, to acknowledge their efforts in the mid 2000 time-frame. Dan designed an excellent certificate and we decided on issuing Gold Stickers for the first 25 WAS holders, currently numbered at 18. We worked well together during that revived WAS effort, and designed card checking with an ethical system that would preserve integrity to the 60m WAS holders. We have had 2 advisors standing by should we need them for application discussion purposes. The WAS 60m program is still viable, and Dan and I feel good about offering the WAS 60m award to reward the hard work of operators who have made the effort to persevere on the difficult 60m band.

      Having said this, we are announcing that after many months of discussions and ideas put forth that we are now going ahead with the first DXCC 60 Meters certificate program, which will begin on January 1, 2016. As we know, the ARRL does not issue any awards for 60m contacts, so this is our own “DXCC 60 Meters” award with our own certificate size, design and wording fonts, etc. There are several avid DXers in the world who have been on the band since its inception, including me, in July  of 2003, and who have continued to be try to be stalwarts for the DXing community and keep the 60m DX interest alive for others outside the USA. This was especially true during the early years prior to 2012 when we had only USB and 50 watts ERP restrictions to most worldwide channels. The new rules allowing digital and CW modes along with increasing our ERP power to 100 watts definitely stimulated new countries being worked. This was followed during the last couple of years with many more countries allowing various operations on a myriad of channels and at different power levels. Some rules were for experimental stations only in some countries and others slowly added the 60m channels to all licensees of a country. The entire DXing atmosphere has changed, especially with many DXpeditions now showing their “completeness” by making short time efforts to get on our worldwide 60m band. We owe gratitude to these DXpeditions for honoring DXing on 60m as the K1N group did and not just using all the “other bands”. And, Dan and I want to thank the ARRL for their assistance at the recent WARC 2015 conference and their fight to sustain a growing 60 meter amateur effort in the USA.

       Needless to say, the 60m DX climate has changed to the point that several DXers have now CONFIRMED 100 countries on 60 meters. The time has come to honor these hard working DXer types, pioneers if you will, covering all continents. I know of 2 EU operators that are at or have exceeded 100 countries worked on 60m and another in AF that is at a similar level. The DXCC 60m will be administered by me and Dan, K3ZXL, who has again created a beautiful, uniquely different DXCC 60 Meters certificate along with Gold Stickers for the first 25 DXCCs issued. Below are the rules to familiarize yourself with. Applications can be asked for from K3ZXL who will send a PDF file for you to fill out and send the completed application to me. If too much difficulty with this, I will accept a reasonable outline of countries confirmed on a homemade application, keeping in mind I need your CONFIRMED countries on the list and ONLY 100 countries need to be on the application, even if you have 110 or 120 confirmed. The application must have your call, email address, signed attestation that you are submitting your list of 100 CONFIRMED countries and date of application. There will be NO  SSB or CW only award at this time. Most applications with be mixed mode with the advent of CW mode on the band in 2012. We will be keeping this DXCC program as simple as possible, only a select few of your confirmations will be asked for after the application is reviewed by me, usually about 20-25. This makes the Certified or Registered mail packages much smaller. After cards are checked and application approved, I will send Dan all applications for his files along with a check from you to Dan for the certificate and application fee, or you can send funds to Dan direct. Again, read rules below. For sure, you will be asked for all CONFIRMATION cards involving QSOs from the Pacific, Asia and Africa areas.. We will ask for other cards based on application review. Cards must be sent to me and no email, photocopies will be allowed. We all respect the ARRL’s multiple DXCC awards programs,  but ours will be streamlined a bit and fill in the 13 year 60m gap. We will have a couple of long time 60m DXers who have over 100 countries worked as “advisors” should the need arise concerning an operation or a card issue.

     Again,  Happy Holidays to the 60m DXer gang. Have a fun filled 2016 DXing year!!

San Hutson  K5YY


Directions to DXCC 60 Meters applicant:

1)    Read detailed rules carefully in the W8GEX most recent 60m Newsletter.  There will be no SSB or CW only DXCC certificates issued at this time. There will be NO numbered certificates, to be fair to all DXers and to avoid a situation based on date of application, date of 100th confirmation received,  etc.

2)    Fill out application form based on your CONFIRMED DXCC contacts on 60m. You will be asked for specific cards after your application is reviewed. Initial application form with rules can be sent by K3ZXL by emailing him and he will send you a PDF file to fill out and forward to K5YY. Or you may send a reasonable DXCC alphabetical country list of your 100 CONFIRMED entities of your own design, including your call, email address and signed attestation and date. Confirmed call, country, date/time of QSO and mode are required for completeness on whichever form you use.. 60m must be shown on the QSL.

3)    Sort QSO details in order by DXCC country prefixes. Only 100 QSOs need be on the application, even if you have more than 100 confirmed.

4)    Initial application is sent to K5YY at the QRZ.com address OR via email to k5yy1@cox.net.  No cards required at this stage.

5)    After review and with any consultations with our advisory team, you will be emailed the specific list of cards K5YY needs to see. You must include postage for return mail postage the same way the cards were sent to K5YY, ie Registered or Certified mail. This avoids having to send all 100 cards and is meant to simplify matters while still adhering to ethical standards and some strict protocols.

6)   All applicants will be expected to submit about 20-25 cards, especially CONFIRMED QSOs with Africa, Asia, Pacific and South America if they are on the list of 100 claimed CONFIRMED countries. Other cards will be asked for depending on the complete application list content. NO email, photo scanned copies of cards will be accepted. No exceptions.  All cards asked for will be sent to K5YY for review. Our long time 60m DXer “advisory” members will be used if necessary.

7)   Upon return of QSLs to the applicant, one must then send a DXCC processing fee of $15 for USA hams and $20 for foreign hams to K3ZXL for one of the initial 60m DXCC gold seal certificates.  As with the WAS award, the gold seal is applied to the first 25 60m DXCCs issued.

8)  Further questions may be sent to me at k5yy1@cox.net.   Applications and subsequent cards requested are to be sent to my K5YY QRZ.com address at my POB 6366 in Springdale, AR 72766.




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