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  • January Donations

    1. Ingvar Wihlborg
    2. Jaroslav Semotan
    3. Gene Sochor
    4. J.A. Claereboets - PB2A
    5. Pepe Rodilla Martinez - EA5HM
    6. Arnold Krauel
    7. Michael Theiss - LB6BG
  • May Donations

    1. Alan Brown - K5AB
  • Dec Donations

    1. Rich Knagg - WA5LFD
  • January Donations

    1. Jaroslav Semotan - OK1RD
    2. Philip Finkle - K6EID
  • February Donations

    1. Bo Sogaard - OZ8ABE
    2. Bruce Blackley - WD4LBR

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