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Sixty Meters became available to US amateurs on July 3, 2003. Beginning March 5, 2012 there have been frequency, power and mode changes.


 Any US amateur radio operator holding a General, Advanced or Amateur Extra Class license may only transmit USB, CW or Digital Modes on 60m with an effective radiated power (ERP) not to exceed 100 W ERP ( Effective Radiated Power ). CH5 is the unofficial DX calling frequency!


March 2012 with the new modes added to USB, the established frequencies for CW/digital on the 5 60m channels are Ch 5 = 5405, Ch 4 = 5373, Ch 3 = 5358.5, Ch 2 = 5348 and Ch 1=5332 KC. The corresponding channel USB frequencies are 1.5 KC LOWER than CW and are 5403.5, 5371.5, 5357, 5346.5 and 5330.5 KC.  CW is NOT allowed on the USB frequencies and USB NOT allowed on the CW frequency. These are FCC regulations.


Channel 5 is the main DX calling frequency that is monitored by most DXers around the world with channel 4 being an alternate channel for DXing during times of channel 5 QRM.

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