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60 Meters Operators

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Name: Joe Pater
Email address: w8gex@aol.com

I have been licensed since 1970 and hold an Extra class. My interest is DXing, and I have been on 50+ DXpeditions, many as leader or co-leader. I was on the K4M trip to Midway in 2009, and fortunate to be part of the management team. There were 19 hard working, highly skilled operators and I appreciated the experience of knowing and working with each of them.

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W8GEX - Joe Pater


Name: Jose Ribeiro de Sa
Email address: zemurtosa@mail.telepac.pt

Licensed since 1990, I was the very first Portuguese station authorized to use 5MHz in May 2010 and was the only CT1 station in the band for the following 6 months.

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CT1EEB - Jose Ribeiro de Sa


Name: Fernando Carlos Santos Roque
Email address: ct7abi@gmail.com

I am an Portuguese Class 1 C.E.P.T. (Extra Class) Amateur Radio Operator with full privileges and no restrictions active on all bands. I was the first Portuguese Amateur Radio Operator working on the 60 meters band.

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CT7ABI - Fernando Carlos Santos Roque


Name: Ignacio Frances
Email address: ignacio46@gmail.com

I have a wonderful wife have been married since 1970 year, we have three wonderful daughters, three beautiful granddaughters and a grandson.

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EA8FM - Ignacio Frances


Name: Keith Marriott
Email address: g6nhy@talktalk.net

When I am on 60M in the morning, I use JT65 or CW as my shack is the small bedroom next to the master bedroom. ( xyl asleep ). I’m ok for SSB in the day & evening time. Hope to work you and other conditions permitting.

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G6NHY - Keith Marriott


Name: John Davidson
Email address: k8jd@yahoo.com

Novice @ 16, General 7 months later. Upgraded to Extra 15 years later. I have operated all bands from 160M to 70 CM. So far I have worked 47 states, including Hawaii and several countries in Europe, all on CW..

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K8JD - John Davidson


Name: Finn Fossmark
Email address: finnfossmark@yahoo.no

QTH: Stanghelle. JP20UM My rig on 60m is an Icom-728 and a t2fd home made broadband dipole.

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LA4PM - Finn Fossmark


Name: Joe Muscanere
Email address: jsm@w5hnk.com

Active from 6 meters thru 160 meters. 60 Meters worked: 41 States / 43 Countries - Inverted L used for 60 Meters / Beverage RX antenna : DXCC / WAS / WAC on 6 Meters 300+ HF countries confirmed on LOTW / 5 Band DXCC

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W5HNK - Joe Muscanere


Name: Dan Schaaf

Formerly KI4KHV, KA1SV, HS2AKO, K3ZXL/KH2, K3ZXL/KA6, K3ZXL/HL3, K3ZXL & KN3ZXL. Resumed activity after 20 years in August 2005 and found logs were destroyed. Am up to 322 DXCC entities.

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K3ZXL - Dan Schaaf


Name: Michael Theiss
Email address: michael.theiss@lyse.net

I was born and grew up in Germany, first call in 1962 was DJ8EP. I have always been active, mainly with poor antennas and low power. I am now active as LB6BG (difficulti call in cw, hi), and enjoy 60 m. 90 w with a low doublet. Pse look me up at qrz.com. I worked most of you with my former call LA5SAA. 73 de Mick, LB6BG

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LA5SAA/LB6BG - Michael Theiss


Name: John Crawford Baker
Email address: gi0hwo@gmail.com

QTH: Islandmagee, County Antrim Loc: IO74dt Various radios and aerials but for 60M I use a 185ft doublet in a shallow inverted "V". Apex is at 55ft fed with open wire to a large balun and then coax into the shack. This has produced 40 DXCC entities so far. 73 de John

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GI0HWO - John Crawford Baker


Name: Henk Schanssema
Email address: dx@dx.nl

Born 1955, licenced 1976 as PEoHJS, changed to PA2HJS in 1977 with grant of full licence, changed call to PA2S in 2003. Mostly home made equipment. Been very active on UHF/SHF, from 1978 onwards addicted 6 meters (RX/crossband before 6 was granted in PA). 6 meter DXCC #109. As good as QRT for a number of years. The announcement of the 60 meter permissions triggered new activity.

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PA2S  - Henk Schanssema


Name: Verner Qvotrup
Email address: verner@oz9xu.dk

I have been licensed since 1973 (C-Class/novice) and from 1999 I holding A-Class license (Extra Class). My main interest is Dxing on CW on HF bands from 160m to 10m with 100 Watts output. I also hold license for the callsigns 5P5Q and OV5O. All 3 callsigns are used on 60m. CU on 60m. Website: www.oz9xu.dk

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OZ9XU  - Verner Qvotrup


Name: Dave Fagan
Email address: daveg4otu@aol.com

Retired in 2005 and decided in late 2009 to take up radio again.For HF,currently using a FT1000MP MKV Field or a TS530S , 100w and simple wire antennae (dipole on 15m.... long wire on everything else) and , although previously (1980-1994) I had worked 300 countries, I started  the countries worked count again from the beginning ,once again mainly on CW.

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G4OTU  - Dave Fagan


Name: Joseph Reisert Jr

I was one of the first Novices (Novice licenses started in July 1951) receiving WN2HQL in December 1951 while living in Wantagh, Long Island, New York. Built a home brew 6SN7 regen receiver and 6AG7/6L6 crystal controlled transmitter for 80 meters. Upgraded to W2HQL in January 1952.

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W1JR  - Joseph Reisert Jr


Name: Thomas M Colyard Jr

I operate on 1.8 thru 432 mhz. Favorite band is 6 meters. Operate SSB, CW & Digi modes. CW is preferred mode. DX and Contesting are my main interests. Long time member of "The Florida Contest Group"!

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K4MM  - Thomas M Colyard Jr


Name: Bo Soegaard
Email address: oz8abe@tdcadsl.dk

Hi ! DX is my life even though colleagues at work says I don't have a life.... Just because that holidays are planned after major expeditions and money are put into radio-gear. Anyway I got my HF license in 1991 and since that I've worked all countries and 2993 bandpoints (no deleted incl),  189 countries on 6m and 105 countries on 60m.

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OZ8ABE  - Bo Soegaard


Name: Fernando M. Fernández
Email address: ea8ak_ff@hotmail.com

Neurosurgeon. Prof. of Neurology, Canary Islands Medical School. First amateur radio license 1956 at age of 13.Contester with several 1st and 2nd place on the CQ WW SSB and CW on the 70s and 80s. DXer and DXpeditioner, ex 3C1AA, 3C0AB, VK9ZR Mellish Reef, VK9ZR Willis Island. DXCC HR 1 MIX and FONE, DXCC HR DXCC CW, all but P5, DPR of KOREA. DXCC CHALLENGE DeSOTO Cup winner, 2013, 1014 and 2015.

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EA8AK  - Fernando M. Fernández


Name: George Armstrong
Email address: k9ga@msn.com

I am an SAP R/3 Consultant specializing in the implementation of SAP for the Oil Industry and Chemical Industry. My specialty is the integration of Financials for Well Head to Delivery to Sales, Manufacturing and Procurement. I also specialize in Production Revenue and Pipe Truck Rail scheduling.

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K9GA  - George Armstrong


Name: Carlo Trezzi
Email address: letzebuerger_2015@outlook.de


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LX1TI  - Carlo Trezzi


Name: Philip Finkle
Email address: k6eid@bellsouth.net

I am QRV on all HF bands plus 6 Meters. 60M is just the latest challenge. Using my 160M inverted vee (at least it loads up with a tuner). Will put up a 60M inverted vee next Fall (the XYL doesn't want it in the backyard during the warm months).

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K6EID  - Philip Finkle


Name: Mike Devereux
Email address: g3sed@aol.com

I have had my call for over 51 years and yet I'm still addicted to Amateur Radio! It amazes me that after all that time I am still learning and finding aspects of the hobby that completely hold my interest. I especially enjoy challenges such as 160 metres and 6 metres. I have worked more than 284 Countries on 160 Metres and 345 on the HF bands.

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G3SED - Mike Devereux


Name: Thomas Gillgren
Email address: thomas.gillgren@yahoo.com


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SM3NRY - Thomas Gillgren


Name: Ronald Anunciato
Email address: py2jz@dxbrasil.net

My simple station consists of a Transceiver HF/50MHz Yaesu FT-2000 / microphone KBS-4000 / Swr & Power Meter Cellwave KW320 / Transceiver Yaesu FTM-350AR -VHF/UHF/220Mhz /microphone KBS-2500 / Swr & Power Meter OPEK VHF/UHF.

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PY2JZ - Ronald Anunciato


Name: Francis Mayon
Email address: francis.mayon@gmail.com

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ON5QRP - Francis Mayon


Name: Rich Knagg
Email address: rknagg@aol.com

Operated portable from North Padre Island, Texas, NA-092, EL17,Nueces County, Jan 15-Mar 13 2015. Antennas were a rotatable Buddipole vee at about 60 feet( see photo), overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. Also used a tunable vertical for the lower bands, 100w, SSB,CW, RTTY, 160-6mtrs.

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WA5LFD - Rich Knagg


Name: Mogens Andersen
Email address: mogens@gryden.eu

Hi ! i am OZ4ACK from Copenhagen in Denmark    My name is Mogens, licensed since November 1988 also holder of the calls 5P4DX and OZ1TTT, and dxcluster OZ2DXC

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OZ4ACK - Mogens Andersen


Name: Göran Carlsson
Email address: sm7dlk@radio4all.se

Hi there. I was born in 1943, got my licence in 1962. My first station was the National HRO-5 and BC-696 (still with me) followed by several Heath Kit, Drake TR3, Drake 4B-line, several Kenwood, Icom and Yaesu. Not long ago I went back to Drake R4C simply because I found its performance is superior. Rich folks use Collins, smart folks use Drake!

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SM7DLK - Göran Carlsson


Name: Murray Green
Email address: k3beq@verizon.net

After 65 years of operating and achieving Honor Roll #1 (Phone/Mixed) as well as 325 countries on CW and WAZ on ten meters, I am excited about recently being active on 60m. Using the Yaesu FT-2000 and a half wave dipole at 70'

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K3BEQ - Murray Green


Name: Klaus-Dieter Graef
Email address: kdgraef@gmail.com

I got my amateur radio license in March 1982 and my first QSO I ever had was with DD9MZ, Hans in Augsburg on a 70 cm repeater!My second QSO was on 10 GHz with a friend who just completed a home-made-TRX. He was testing his new rig and made a "dx-qso" for a distance of about 1500 m! So I got the opportunity to make a qso too!! What a start in a "DX" career!!

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DK1AX - Klaus-Dieter Graef


Name: Pascual Tronch A
Email address: EA5WO@EA5WO.ES

Born 1965, licensed 1965, Radioamateur since 1981 started on 11m. CB QRV on all bands, DIGITAL modes. Prefer working JT65-HF and JT9. Operating on 60m with a Yaesu FT-891 15W. and slopper antenna .

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EA5WO - Pascual Tronch A


Name: Claus Braun
Email address: braun4230@gmail.com

QTH : Southwestern Andes
Antenas: Dipoles, longwire of 82 meter

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CP4BT - Claus Braun


Name: Manfred Eisel
Email address: manfred@eisel.ch

Born 1940 and active since 1974. Work only CW and much QRP. My DCXX in QRP is 320 countrys. WAC, WAZ, WAS, are working in QRP. Active on 60 meter for DX, Station all Elecraft and K2 are built my self.

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HB9DAX - Manfred Eisel


Name: Massimiliano Casucci
Email address: iu5cjp@gmail.com

My name is Max and I am interested in radio-electronics since I was born. I live in central Italy, I am married to Anna and I have a daughter, Marianicole. I work as a electrician in the PV branch since 2007 and the first since 1988 in the civil and industrial sector. Special thanks to my passion to my father (former electrician antenna installer) and my friend Alfredo IZ5MDD.

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IU5CJP - Massimiliano Casucci


Name: Paul Spiteri
Email address: paul9h1sp@gmail.com

My name is Paul and I am 47 years old. I began the hobby with a Danita Mark5 a cb radio and I also began to make several qso's around Europe on the cb band. I was very happy with this hobby and I began to study to become a Ham operator. I began studying in August 2002 and in December of the same year I sat for the City & Guilds exam that I passed.

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9H1SP - Paul Spiteri


Name: Jan Eliasson
Email address: jan.eliasson@telia.com

I was Born 1963, been a ham since 1981. I enjoy CW Contesting and chasing DX (Worked all DXCC-entities).  Using a dipole and a Kenwood TS-2000 on 60 meters. My power is 15 W EIRP. Other interests are orienteering, sailing, my motorbikes and playing guitar and tuba.

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SM7NDX - Jan Eliasson


Name: Rick Sawaya Sr
Email address: n4jtq@live.com

I have been a Amateur Radio Operator since Febuary of 1980 when I  first took my Novice license,my call then was KA4VEM, when I upgraded then took my Tech, and then my General and Advanced, I held my Advanced for many years until I got motivated to get my Extra.

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N4JTQ - Rick Sawaya Sr.


Email address: dl0geo@dl0geo.de

Founders of the Clubstation and GEO-DX Group: DL2YAK ( Uwe ) and DL1XW ( Hans-Peter, short: HaPe ) Founding date: 1st of July 1997   (celebrating right now 20th Anniversary) Interests: DXing, Contesting, helping other HAM's with difficult QSL exchange, celebrating fairness and HAM-Spirit, having loads of fun on the bands.

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Name: Allan Nelsson
Email address: mail@oz5xn.dk  

I was born in 1945 and licensed since 1970. I operate from 1.8 to 432 MHz, mostly FT8, SSB, FM and DMR. Enjoy very much 60 meters. QTH Copenhagen (JO65) but most HF communications takes please from my summer QTH near Kalundborg (JO55) – often remote controlled from my Home QTH. Two call signs: OZ5XN and 5P9R (5P9R mostly used for contests and digital).

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OZ5XN - Allan Nelsson


Name: Bill Hicks
Email address: va6rq@cciwireless.ca  

I’ve been a Ham since 1976 and have been using 60m for Data using my 80m antenna. I’m active on: SSB and Digital modes on all bands. 10-10# 73403, PSK31 - 14.070. - PACTOR (SCS PTC-IIex), Echolink: via VE5FN-L. Equipment: Radios Yaesu FT-1000MP MkV Field, Yaesu FT-767, Yaesu FT- 450D, Yaesu FT-857D (Mobile)

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VA6RQ - Bill Hicks


Name: Carlos González Jr.
Email address: co6cg@frcuba.cu  

I am Carlos González Jr. My Rigs Icom ICM 700, Yaesu FT-101 ZD and Yaesu FT-757 GX, for HF, and Yaesu FT-212 RH, Yaesu FT-430, Ft-23, and Alinco DR-130 for VHF. Antens Dipole for 40 meters and G5RV. Iniciated in the radio in 1988, in January 1989 ingresed in the Cuban DX Group with 110 entities, member of de Cuban DX Honor Roll Mixed, SSB and CW, now work for the Digitals modes, PSE check de web of the Cuban DX Group.

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CO6CG - Carlos González Jr.


Name: Frank de Wilde
Email address: ph2m@amsat.org  

Hello, my name is Frank, I live in the western part of the Netherlands. News: DX-pedition (holiday-style!) to P4 (Aruba Island): P4/PH2M, November 17~29 - 2018, so all QSO's logged (mostly in FT8 digital mode) in this time, should be logged as P4/PH2M !!!

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PH2M - Frank de Wilde


Name: Max & Betty
Email address: ik1gpg@alice.it  

Licensed since 1983, one of the first Italian station on 5MHz from November 2018, start date authorized in Italy to use this band. My interest is DXing with more than 3.140 countries on DXCC Challenge. Contest call IR1A since 1993. American call K1GPG since 1995. More infos: http://ik1gpg-ik1qfm.dcia.it

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   IK1GPG - IK1QFM - Max & Betty

PH2M - Frank de Wilde


Name: Chris Burger

Born 1964, licenced 1980 as ZS6BCR. I was inactive from 2000 to 2011, while raising my daughter. My main interest is in contesting, where I held several world and continental records in the single band category of CW, RTTY and Phone contests. I attended WRTC four times, as W6O, S572L and OJ1W and in 2014 as the referee for K1S. I ran a series of DXpeditions in the Eighties and Nineties, emphasising low band, WARC band and RTTY activity.

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ZS6EZ - Chris Burger


Name: Dr. San Hutson
Email address: k5yy2011@hotmail.com

Retired Family Physician and medical administrator CQ DX "Hall of Fame" (# 21) - March 1983 DXAC Chairman (1980-83) - DXAC member (Delta and West Gulf Divisions)

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K5YY - Dr. San Hutson


Name: Dov Gavish
Email address: Dov4z4dx@gmail.com

Licenced in 1968 and is the second generation of Hams in the family. His father was 4X4VB, an active SSTV operator in his days and son Matan is 4Z5DX!!

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4Z4DX - Dov Gavish


Name: Tom Bartlett
Email address: t.bartlett851@btinternet.com

Full licence on13 june 1952. Rig : IC 7100 . Ant : 40m Doublet : 20m Horizontal , about 10m high , between trees . 10 m at each end approx vertical. Zero feet ASL Contour goes through shack.

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G3ITB - Tom Bartlett


Name: David Reid
Email address: gi8skn@gmail.com

Interested in IOTA & portable operations & the UK 5 MHz experiment. Other interests include mountain biking, hiking, music, guitar, motorsport, photography & cooking. WAB square is J38 (CRF), WAZ number 14, & IOTA is EU-115

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GI8SKN - David Reid


Name: Petr J Ourednik
Email address: ok1rp@fastmail.com.au

I was a 60M SWL from 2010 to 2011 and then received the first experimental permit which gave us only 5260, CW. Currently OK hams have the allocation as UK hams. I am operating CW only & I worked #49 DXCC & over 20 states.

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OK1RP - Petr J Ourednik


Name: Milan Gütter
Email address: ok7gu@ges.cz

Licensed since 1966. My first call was OL3AHI (1966 - 1968) Then I got OK1IDK (1968 - 1982) In 1982 I received the OK1FM call. In 2006, I received OK7GU call and for contests the OK1A call.

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OK7GU - Milan Gütter


Name: Arnold Stein (Arnie)
Email address: apstein@aol.com

Formerly WA3NOS. Currently WB4FSV and 4Z8AS Active on all HF bands.

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WB4FSV - Arnold Stein (Arnie)


Name: Bob Eshleman

I began amateur radio at age 14 in 1950 with the call W4QCW. In 1954 I was on the first Navassa Island DXpedition as KC4AB. In 1967 I guest operated at EA9EJ in Rio de Oro and in 1969 I was a member of the K4IA/KC4 Navassa Dxpediton. That same year I earned the #1 5BDXCC award.

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W4DR  - Bob Eshleman


Name: Mike CT1IUA
Email address: ct1iua@gmail.com

Licenced in 2003 and on 60m since 01-01-2011, i have worked around 70 dxcc's in this band with a wire dipole.

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CR6A - Mike CT1IUA


Name: Dirk Hendriks
Email address: dirk.hendriks@ziggo.nl

Let me introduce myself, my name is Dirk and my callsign is PA3FMP.  I'm born in 1951 and got my first licence (novice) in 1983, in the same year upgraded to technical licence. It took a few year to do the next step, wich was passing CW with 12 words a minute, but at last i got my full licence.

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PA3FMP - Dirk Hendriks


Name: Bas Levering
Email address: pe4bas@veron.nl

Born 1968, licensed 1998, Radioamateur since 1979 started on 11m. QRV on all bands, all modes. Prefer working with homemade antennas. Operating on 60m with a Icom 706 and 100W. Have been one of the first stations active on 60m from the Netherlands. Please visit my hamradio blog on http://pe4bas.blogspot.com

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PE4BAS  - Bas Levering


Name: Willem Winkel
Email address: willemwinkel@hotmail.com

My callsign is valid for: EPC#2666 (Award-Master), DMC#742, DIG#3843, MARAC#139, BIG#003 (Founder), 30MDG#127 (DX-Master), 070Club#651, WAB# with booknr's; 7205 & 8408.
Websites: www.wp3ux.tk and www.awardmanager.tk

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WP3UX  - Willem Winkel


Name: Charles Hardy

I was first licensed in 1958 with the call of KN5SUL as a novice. The next year I upgraded and the "N" was dropped from the call as that was the custom of the day.  Since then I have held W5ODT and XE2JZJ.

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K5SUL  - Charles Hardy


Name: Kenneth N Bolin

A ham since 1959 and a 50 year member of the ARRL.

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W1NG  - Kenneth N Bolin


Name: Alex Dolgosh

Continuously licensed in Ohio as K8EUR since 1957, I now enjoy DXing on 160 and 80 meters, and chasing new ones on all the other bands for the DXCC Challenge total. I QSL to DX stations 100% via the Bureau, and also via ARRL Logbook of the World (LOTW).

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K8EUR  - Alex Dolgosh


Name: Jorge Gallardo
Email address: ea4ayw@ea4ayw.com

The activities carried out to date are: Operational Station in DX, contests, diplomas, satellites and Lunar Bounce. Operating modes: FM, SSB, CW, RTTY, PSK31, Wsjt, Scatter Meteor. Both in HF as in VHF, UHF and 50 Mhz.

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EA4AYW  - Jorge Gallardo


Name: Valerie Hotzfeld
Email address: vhotzfeld@gmail.com

I am a co-host on the show Ham Nation. I get to talk about contesting and DXing; my 2 favorite subjects. You can see my videos on everything from Contesting Basics to getting LotW set up and installed. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to see my Ham Nation videos: https://www.youtube.com/user/vhotzfeld/

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NV9L  - Valerie Hotzfeld


Name: Pierre Stoffel
Email Address: on4ps@yahoo.com

Born 9th november 1955. High-school teacher and Professor in Louvain-la-Neuve (German and Dutch) Now retired from all professional activities. Interested in Ham radio since 1973, ON1KSU first, ON4PS since 1985. First 6m licence (February 1990) and first 4m licence (November 2009) in Belgium. Active on HF, 6m, 4m, 2m, 70cm, 23 cm! Slow QSL'er!

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ON4PS  - Pierre Stoffel


Name: Hans Geyskens
Email address: hans.geyskens@telenet.be

I have been mainly interested in CW - QRP contacts. 5 watts and lower. Mfj cup TX/RX 14 mhz cw 0,7 watts and also a Yaesu FT857 at 5 watts.

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ON6ZK  - Hans Geyskens


Name: George van der Burg
Email address: gbinfo@planet.nl

GB Audio Antennes & Towers since 1990  26 Year into Radiostudio and Ham Radio Voorstraat 47 (centre) 3231 BE Brielle Netherlands Website:www.gbantennes.com

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PA8GB  - George van der Burg


Name: Ari Thor
Email address: tf3ari@gmail.com

Hello from Iceland I use 100% green power for my radio and to heat up my house ;) See u on air
I send QSL over EQSL and LoTW

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TF3ARI  - Ari Thor


Name: Lyubo Petroff
Email address: lz3pz@gmx.net

My best 73!Lubo, age 76

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LZ3PZ - Lyubo Petroff


Name: Stephen Murphy
Email address: n8nm@outlook.com

My homebrew 60m rig, currently running about 8 watts to a droopy dipole up 25 feet. You'll find me lurking on "Channel 3" where I enjoy working new grid squares on JT65 and JT9.

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N8NM - Stephen Murphy


Name: Pierre Stoffel
Email address:

Born 9th november 1955 High-school teacher and Professor in Louvain-la-Neuve (German and Dutch) Now retired from all professional activities.

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ON4PS - Pierre Stoffel


Name: Andrey Teterukov
Email address: eu7a@tut.by

I started my HAM radio hobby in small city Brody in western part of Ukraine in 1977 like SWL with callsign UB5-068-494. In 1980 I have been accepted to Minsk radio technical institute and my family also left Ukraine for Belarus Republic.

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EU7A - Andrey Teterukov


Name: Luis Groh
Email address: lu9xt86@gmail.com

Hello, my name is Luis Groh. I am 51 years old, I was born in 1965. My license since 1988. My category is Superior. I live in Ushuaia, the city at the end of the World. Island of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. IOTA SA-008. North of Cape Horn. I am interested in Digital modes, Satelite and DX. I'm active in all bands.

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LU9XT - Luis Groh


Name: Ed Hughes
Email address: rockeyhughes@comcast.net

I upload all my qsos to LOTW. All qsl requests via EQSL and the Bureau will be answered. As always, all cards sent directly will be answered. No $ or IRC needed. If you are outside the USA, my bureau card may now be requested via the ClubLog box below. Best 73 and hope to see you on the HF bands 10-160 mainly CW.

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KG4W - Ed Hughes


Name: Robert Poortvliet
Email address: pa3geo@zeelandnet.nl

I am active in cw ssb and digital jt modes on 60m. Antenne inverted V openline feed.

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PA3GEO - Robert Poortvliet


Name: Danny Van Tricht
Email address: on4vt@telenet.be

Licensed since 1990 Honor Roll DXCC CQ WAS SSTV #001 Mainly active in CW and DIGI modes PR & Webmaster for WWFF. I'm a very active WWFF activator using my vanity callsign OT4V I'm Public Relations Manager and Webmaster for WWFF www.wwff.co World Wide Flora & Fauna

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ON4VT - Danny Van Tricht


Name: Max Romanov
Email address: r1ar.max@gmail.com

CW from 1976 UA3-151-5, UA3SCM, cheef UK3SAA;RZ0BWL-Dixon island;RZ1OWA,UA1ODX- FRANZ JOSEF LAND, RA3SF; R1A-125,R1AR-Leningrad, TI, /UF6V, /UN, /SV, /TA, /5B, /EA3 ... LIFE is EXPEDITION

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R1AR - Max Romanov


Name: Frank Vandijk
Email address: f.e.vandijk@ziggo.nl

Started in 1980, today mostly active on 60m JT65A/JT9. Elecraft K3 + Inverted-L antenna. QSL: LOTW preferred. OTHER HOBBY: running! Great! I like to do 10K, 10EM and the occasional half marathon. See you on the bands! 73, Frank PA7F

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PA7F - Frank Vandijk


Name: John & Tanina
Email address: jtnew@internode.on.net

We live on a small farm, 50 acres and usually run 30 head of Hereford Steers here in South Australia

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VK5NJ - John & Tanina


Name: Markus Kaukovalta
Email address: oh1mn@oh1aa.net

I was born 1978, started working radios as a youngster, about 12 years old. Finished my studies for Electrician early 2005.
Live in the south part of Finland, at the coast, in the city of Turku.

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OH1MN - Markus Kaukovalta


Name: Jarda Semotan
Email address: ok1rd@ok1rd.com

I have been licensed since 1964 and my main interest is DXing only. As I had confirmed 99,8% of the DXCCC countries on all HF bands I invited possibility to operate a new 60m band. I realized a few DX expeditions like T30R, T32RD, T33RD, KP2/, 3B8/ and some small others.

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OK1RD - Jarda Semotan


Name: Antoine NYeurt
Email address: antoine.nyeurt@usp.ac.fj

Licensed since 1988, 3D2AG operates both from Fiji and Rotuma (latter as 3D2AG/p) and is QRV 3.5-50 MHz, on SSB, CW, RTTY, PSK31, JT65 and other digital modes. Main radio interests are DX, VHF (6m) long-distance propagation monitoring, and antenna testing and construction. Preferred modes are CW and RTTY.

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3D2AG - Antoine NYeurt


Name: Stanislaw Nowak
Email address: sp9uh@wp.pl

I started on 60 M only in July this year, loged first QSO with LA1MFA on 8th July - CW. Till today worked 30 countries on 3 continents. Many of the contacts are confirmed by eQSL so waiting for paper cards. I use mostly FT8 emission, the radio fo the bands is  FT857D and dipole tribander 80/40/30  m  low 7 m above the ground only.

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SP9UH - Stanislaw Nowak


Name: Klaus-Dieter Graef
Email address: kdgraef@gmail.com

I got my amateur radio license in March 1982 and my first QSO I ever had was with DD9MZ, Hans in Augsburg on a 70 cm repeater!My second QSO was on 10 GHz with a friend who just completed a home-made-TRX. He was testing his new rig and made a "dx-qso" for a distance of about 1500 m! So I got the opportunity to make a qso too!! What a start in a "DX" career!!

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DK1AX  - Klaus-Dieter Graef


Name: Daniel Neves
Email address: dancx9au@gmail.com  

Since Sep.13 1983 Categoria Avanzada Modes CW,SSB,RTTY,SSTV,PSK31 Like dx, pile ups, cw and contests. Since 2011 focus efforts on 50 Mhz The Magic Band , ARRL VHF Contest Sep 2012 obtaining the highest score achieved on by a foreign station until then, with a FT100d and 3 elem beam.

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CX9AU - Daniel Neves


Name: Fotis Kiamos
Email address: sv3icl@gmail.com 


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SV3ICL - Fotis Kiamos


Name: Donald Birch
Email address: dxcowboy777@hotmail.com  

Amateur Radio since 1955, have been on 60 Meters since the first day, July 03, 2003 and pleased to have the first Worked All States confirmed on the band. My latest country count now 101 countries from my location in DM42li, the last two were PY0F and LX. I love paper cards any way I get them will confirm contacts.

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K7NN - Donald Birch


Name: Haroldo Bradaschia Neto
Email address: djcaverna@hotmail.com  

81 - 996130510 TIM / WhatsAPP (telefone pessoal 24 horas no ar) 81 - 985116322 OI (esse telefone esta disponível das 10:00 as 12:30 e das 17:00 as 22:00) http://www.djcaverna.com http://www.djcaverna.com.br Instagram @cavernadj Agencia SOUNDMIX by DJ Caverna (Escola, agência de DJs e eventos)

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PY7DJ - Haroldo Bradaschia Neto


Name: Randy Cook
Email address: k6crcus@gmail.com 

I've been a Ham for about 11 years now. Simple setup for 60M, 84’ Inverted L @30’. IC-7300 with MacLoggerDX software control. Managed to get WAS on 60M.

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   K6CRC  - Randy Cook

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