Rules for submission

QRZ callsign lookup:


1) $10 application fee for USA hams, $15 USD for Foreign hams, must be included with

application form. This will cover cost of materials and return postage. If you are sending all 50

QSL cards, make sure that there is sufficient additional dollars for postage for the return of QSL



1A) Exclusion: If you already have a certificate and want one of these new ones, just send

the $10 and a copy of the certificate.


2) List of QSOs from logbook sent by mail or email, it is not necessary to send all received QSL

cards, except QSOs with KL7 and KH6 must be included.


3) At the discretion of the Examining Committee, we will examine all log entries and a random

spot check may be performed by the examiner. This may be done by an email from the examiner

to the station worked. If the applicant chooses to provide all 50 QSL cards, then a spot check will

not be necessary. This process is similar to Contest Log submissions and County Hunter Log

Submissions, whereby, an Honor system is used. It is not a new practice.


4) Certificate numbering of initial applicants will be based on first come, first served. All

applications shall include the actual QSLs for confirmations from KH6 and

KL7 and the committee has the right to ask for other cards or to email

stations to confirm QSO information as stated on the form. Certificate numbering starts with

number 8 because the following hams have already been awarded a certificate from WB9JOX:

  • 1. K7NN
  • 2. N1UU
  • 3. K4AVC
  • 4. W0LHK
  • 5. N4CH
  • 6. K5SUL
  • 7. WB9JOX

If any of these original certificate holders want one of these new awards, then please contact Dan

K3ZXL by email.


5) The first 25 certificates issued will include a Gold Seal in addition to the serial number to give

recognition to those who got on to 60 meters early after the band was authorized and worked all



6) All QSOs can be USB, CW, Digimode or a combination of modes. Crossmode is also

acceptable since some countries have different priveleges than the USA has. There is no special

award or endorsement for using only one mode.


7) Crossband QSOs do not qualify and are not accepted.


8) Review and Examiner Committee: K5YY, W7MEM, K7NN, K3ZXL


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