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December 10, 2017




Bouvet Island 3Y0Z

The 3Y0Z team tweeted the following: "Time is flying by for

our DXpedition team. We just published our operating band plan on our website

including special instructions for FT8. Everyone needs to read this. FT8 will

not be a primary mode, but we will use it when no other mode gets


"Our band plan is now posted on our website.  The most recent

propagation predictions continue to support the patterns shown in the

videos on our propagation page."


Do not transmit on our transmit frequency.  Select a clear spot on the waterfall in the Wide Graph, do a <Shift, Left Click> on that clear spot to set your transmit frequency, and call us there.  Check the box labeled “Hold Tx Freq” to keep your transmit frequency locked.  We will not respond to callers on our transmit frequency.


Click the “Next” button under “Generate Std Msgs” for the “Tx2” message.  This will allow you to call us with a signal report, rather than with your grid square.  We will not respond to stations calling us with their grid square.  Calling us with a signal report will reduce the number of sequences per QSO.


 A typical exchange between KL7YL and 3YØZ will look like:

a.)  Bouvet:  K1ABC 3YØZ 73 (finishing a preceding contact)

b.)  Vivien calls:  3YØZ KL7YL -06

c.)  Bouvet answers with:   KL7YL 3YØZ -02

d.)  Vivien answers with:  3YØZ KL7YL RRR

e.)  Bouvet answers:    KL7YL 3YØZ 73

f.)  The QSO is now complete and KL7YL is in the log.  This took only one minute (four 15-second sequences) for a complete contact.




3Y0Z will transmit CW and USB modes on 5.400

and will listen for Europe on 5.353.


We will listen for FT8 on 5.357

We will transmit low between 200 and 500 hz and listen up. PLEASE don't TX on our freq.


CW and SSB we will TX on 5.400

Will listen for NA CW on 5.405

Will listen for NA USB on 5.403.5

Will listen for Europe on 5.353


See the band plan for 60m:


A great link for JT65 and FT8 operating tips:


Donate: Being # 2 in the world and our location this is the most expensive and dangerous DXpedition ever. Our cost is over $750,000 and any financial help you can give is very much appreciated.

You may donate at this link


The Team






60m Website: The 60m website is:

Please send your station picture with you in it to and he will be happy to post it with the others. It’s nice to put a face with a call. On the website we have a 60m DXCC country count. It has nothing to do with the ARRL DXCC award. Go to Achievements, DX Awards and you’ll see who is on our country leader board. Feel free to send your totals to the webmaster for posting. As you work a new one, advise our webmaster to update your listing _____________________________________________________________________________

If you know of a friend going on a Dxpedition, please encourage them to operate the 60m band and keep me posted so I may pass the word.



 60 meter websites:


You can also go to this DX Watch cluster page and see the 60 meter spots.

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